Airport operational database and integration engine – a lightweight solution, flexible and scalable

The Airport Operational Database is developed, designed and built to fully operate an airport as a standalone solution, or fully integrate into a heterogeneous IT landscape of an international mega-hub. The integration engine clearly distinguishes itself from competitors. Other advantages include its lightweight and flexibility, yet scalability as it can be applied and used by small regional airports as well as international hubs serving tens of millions of passengers.

Operational Database at airports
The Airport Operational Database (AODB) represents the heart of an airport IT landscape. It is the central hub that ingests and distributes information to all other systems necessary for the successful operation of a large scale, modern airport. In a time of rising competition between airports, it represents a chance to get ahead in the race of customer engagement and innovation in digital transformation of the airport industry.

An Airport Operational Database (AODB) developed by the company RISE is redesigned and reimplemented from scratch with state of the art technology. The result is a highly flexible and customizable yet extremely lightweight solution. Organisational and technical scalability was a key driver in designing the product. These characteristics clearly distinguish it from established competitor products.

Key benefits

  • From a technical perspective the AODB is designed around the idea of automatically processing as much information as possible to keep the tactical image as current as possible.
  • In addition it is designed to automatically detect missing or delayed information, warn the users about it and suggest remedial action.
  • The integration engine helps to fully integrate any third party peripheral systems like Baggage Handling.
  • A lightweight user interface concept allows for quick creation and customization of personalised cockpits and dashboards to give every stakeholder exactly the operational overview that is needed. Fully internationalised, it can be localised to the individual needs.