DENK GRÜN Recycling GmbH

DenkGrün Recycling GmbH builds and operates stationary plants for the treatment of municipal sewage sludge with simultaneous recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen.

The plant uses sewage sludge from biological wastewater treatment plants, recovering energy and raw materials such as phosphorus - classified as a critical raw material by the European Union - and nitrogen. This system is installed and operated directly at the site of the sewage treatment plant. It uses an innovative and new type of PNX process to recycle organic waste in a climate-neutral manner and use it to produce additional energy. The aim is to enable energy self-sufficiency.

DenkGrün offers solutions across various areas: from electricity and hydrogen production from biomass, using an advanced thermochemical process, to phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge, and plastic recovery and energy generation from waste. Moreover, we are innovating the area of energy storage by developing a special liquid from organic waste.



Manuel Maier
DENK GRÜN Recycling GmbH
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