Frequentis is an international supplier of communication and information systems to two core markets: air traffic management (civil and military applications) and public safety and transport (police, fire & ambulance services, inland and maritime shipping, rail). Fail-safe connectivity, connection set-up in milliseconds and user-friendly design are core elements of Frequentis products.

The systems and products developed and sold by Frequentis are all components of a control centre solution. "Control centre" is a generic term applied to operational command and control facilities charged with the support, coordination and observation tasks involved in safety-relevant situations and incidents. The primary goal of a control centre is to ensure the protection of individuals and goods from harm or injury. Appropriate solutions are therefore particularly important for customers working in safety-relevant sectors.

Frequentis has installed over 16,000 operator positions throughout the world and can draw on enormous reserves of project know-how built through numerous international engagements. The company focuses on technology and innovation, particularly on the design of optimized human-machine interfaces. Frequentis is the world's leading producer of voice communication systems in air traffic management, with a dominant 30% share of the market.

The company's international success is reflected in an export rate of 90%. Frequentis has a network of subsidiaries, branch offices and representatives with locations in over 50 countries. Local sales offices manage the successful on-site implementation of projects, helped by their particularly close relationships with customers. Frequentis is headquartered in Vienna and has about 980 employees around the world. Operating income (EBIT) in 2010 was EUR 6.9 million, with a total operating performance of EUR 154 million.

Communication and Information Solutions for a Safer World


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