About ATC

ATC - Austrian Technology Corporation GmbH

In line with an initiative of the Austrian government the task of ATC is furthering the interests of Austrian technology providers abroad in order to implement an export drive.

Closely linked to Austrian Federal Ministries and supported by Austrian Trade, by law, the official Austrian Trade Promotion organisation - ATC unites important Austrian technology firms, export financing banks and operators and acts as coordinator, thereby allowing international customers to access know-how developed by industry and operators in Austria.

It is in this capacity that ATC is also used as a project coordinator in the context of bilateral technology cooperations in the infrastructure sector as well as Smart City Cooperations.

In all its areas ATC stands for competence and efficiency and is able to offer internationally well-tried and trendsetting state-of-the-art solutions.

A close cooperation with Austrian organizations providing education, training and technology transfer guarantees access to the Austrian education, science, research and training system. This means project-related provision of training facilities and capacities, officially approved certificates as well as new aspects of project-financing.

Similar organizations exist for the sectors energy (APET – Austrian Power & Environment Technology) and health care (AHC – Austrian Health Care Systems & Engineering) wholly owned subsidiaries of ATC.