LUMITECH Produktion und Entwicklung GmbH

Work today on the sustainable lighting technologies of tomorrow: LUMITECH has devoted itself to this principle since its foundation in 1997 in Jennersdorf, Austria.

LUMITECH is an innovator in the LED light sector and has assumed a pioneering role thanks to its comprehensive scientific and practical know-how about the effects of light on people. LUMITECH primarily supports companies in the lighting industry, retail and wholesale but is also a constantly sought-after partner for highly-specialised custom LED solutions in other applications.

The Austrian LED pioneer has extensive expertise in the field of LED technology across all of the stages for adding value, and was honoured with the Austrian National Innovation Award in 2007 for developing PI-LED. If you add up the total amount of time spent on research carried out by the individual LUMITECH LED experts, then you will reach the impressive figure of 130 years.

LUMITECH stands for the best white light quality, high colour reproduction, specific colour points, great efficiency, 100% reliability and maximum flexibility. In order to meet the company’s high quality standards, LUMITECH relies on exclusively European production. LUMITECH is already thinking about sustainable solutions of tomorrow, and continuously develops its LED portfolio for commercial refrigeration appliances and linear shelf lighting, so that it can continue to offer the perfect solution for all requirements in the future.

LUMITECH Produktion und Entwicklung GmbH
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