M-U-T Maschinen – Umwelttechnik – Transportanlagen GmbH

M-U-T, the leading manufacturer of municipal and waste collection vehicles, offers a complete spectrum of equipment to collect, process and recycle waste. The target of every project plan and its implementation is the optimum technical and economic benefit for the operator. Besides assembling systems, also offers the company services such as after-sales consultation, financing, operation and much more.

M-U-T's scope of activities:

The production programme (engineering, manufacturing, delivery, assembling, start-up) of M-U-T comprises:

Environmental Protection:  
Waste treatment (composting plants system M-U-T Kyberferm), waste sorting and mechanical biological MSW (municipal solid waste), treatment plants, recycling plants for secondary fuel waste, dumping plants and pneumatic conveying systems for garbage, paper and laundry in buildings, conveying system for waste, sludge, screenings a.o.

Conveying technology:
Complete conveying systems for bulk material and piece goods, thermal power plants, bio-mass fired power stations, wood-processing, paper- and pulp industry, chemical industry, food processing industry.

Waste Water Treatment Plant:
Waste water treatment (biological): complete waste water treatment plants and compact biological waste water treatment plants.

Water Purification:
Potable water treatment: complete plants for drinking water purification (e.g. river water, brackish water)

Education Training
In addition we provide educational and training projects in environmental technology and education, e.g. in schools and universities.’

Sewage water treatment plants:
From small compact sewage treatment units to large-scale waste water treatment plants – sieving, screening, floatating, classifying, scraping – olive oil waste water treatment as well as sludge treatment – particularly thickening, dewatering, conveying, and the subsequent composting;

Vehicles for the municipal waste disposal industry:
M-U-T offers a variety of vehicles, meeting all requirements concerning cleaning and disposal for solid, dry or liquid waste: Rotopress drum refuse vehicles, Variopress compactor garbage vehicles, Austrocleaner street sweeping vehicles, vacuum trucks, sewer cleaning vehicles, special-purpose vehicles.


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