Diamond Airborne Sensing

Diamond Airborne Sensing was founded in 2006, as a 100 percent subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft Industries, the worldwide 3rd biggest aircraft manufacturer in the General Aviation. Diamond Airborne Sensing has been assigned the task of conceptualizing the Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) aircraft according to the demands of service providers. The company not only offers the MPP, but also provides complete systems including state-of-the-art sensor equipment or / and any other suitable applications in terms of volume, weight and power consumption as turn-key solutions. These special mission aircraft are finally designed and manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Diamond Airborne Sensing enjoys an unique worldwide status as the leading provider of all-in-one sensor solutions delivered directly from the aircraft manufacturer. Our cooperation with industry experts and our partner network guarantees the employment of cutting-edge technology as well as competent and reliable project implantation. This allows us to deliver accurate results with hawk-eyed precision.

Diamond Aircraft Industries is a worldwide operating composite aircraft manufacturer with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are three production facilities: one located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where head office, research and development are conducted, one in London, Ontario, Canada and the newest one in Binzhou, China.

A plane like a Swiss Army Knife.
Based on the award-winning DA42 NG, the DA42 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) GUARDIAN is a flexible, multi-functional sensor carrier and an innovative composite, twin-engine aircraft all in one.

Tomorrow’s mission is different than yesterdays? No problem! The aircraft has been specially designed for carrying easily interchangeable, multi-functional aerial sensor equipment, like EO/IR gimbal for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, airborne laser scanners or large format digital aerial cameras. It can effortlessly carry equipment of up to 85 kg (188 lbs).

The Multi Purpose Platform is able to carry a gyro-stabilized daylight and thermal video camera, laser scanner and digital aerial cameras. A micro-wave up- and downlink system for high quality transfers with a range of more than 100 nm, a beyond-line-of-sight satellite downlink and other radios like UHF or a VHF an even military radios is part of the standard available MPP equipment.

With a DA42 MPP you have an approved and certified remote sensing system at your disposal. At the same time powerful and cost efficient and easy to integrate into a strategic, constantly available service – a significant advance over most current capabilities. 

The GUARDIAN also can be used as an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or OPV (Optionally Piloted Vehicle) to provide support capabilities for longer operation times and/or to require operations in regions that are generally too dangerous for manned aircraft to operate

Diamond’s sales and service concept:
We regard us as system integrator and solution provider. We integrate all equipment EASA/FAA certified. We offer turn key solutions and act as single point of contact!

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