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Motto: “If we can’t do it, nobody can.” Research Industrial Systems Engineering (RISE) is a leading challenger in building those serious, competitive or very large digital systems worldwide, which “standard IT brands and companies” do not engineer or architecture any more in a solid, sustainable form. Flexibility, speed, sizing, experienced teams, where experts know each other, this has become impossible in those corporate environments. RISE solutions, software, hardware, services are based on both solid research and science as well as on serious expertise and experiences in according application fields. RISE’s research follows “solid thinking”, RISE’s deep engineering is about “tough doing and pioneering” until the client’s goal is reached, no matter what it is in the IT world: e.g. performance, global security, mass usability or even this 40 years legacy mess to be renovated or merged with digital innovation.

Founded by versed engineers as Spin off from the renowned Vienna University of Technology in the early 90-ties, RISE has delivered several ground breaking results, like system implementation of national projects in 2 years including hardware design, device delivery, data centre set up for critical areas as well as building the core software from pilot to production. RISE has operated in most countries in Europe, in CEE, in Qatar, or in UAE, Maghreb countries, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and China, while holding serious references in all (digital) engineering fields

  • IP- and Web-Engineering
  • (High) Security Engineering
  • Mobile and Wearable Engineering
  • Data/Computing/Net Centers (Design&Op)
  • Software Engineering, System Development
  • AI, Deep Learning and Data Science - Applications
  • Usability Engineering, Interface Design, Interaction Design
  • New Technologies (e.g. Cloud Architecturing, Blockchain-Tech)
  • IT Legacy Removal or Recovery and its Fusion with new Digital Tech

Due to the historical situation of the IT market in Central Europe (IBM Lab, Iron Curtain, and strong dominance of a few large old, slowly weakening brands) RISE has been in charge of many an “unsolvable or insane” digital target space on site. The company grew by acting for real behind the scene for those brands and therefore has operated widespread: from airports to waste management, from retail to manufacturing, from safety critical to national ehealth. So RISE is versed in all major industries, in addition maintaining several research groups at several universities as a mental “think tank backbone” to each of these fields

  • Financial Services, Banking, Payment, Digital Money, Insurances
  • Government IT, gov-Tech, (communal, regional, national, global)
  • Transport, Traffic, Railway, Airports, Logistics, New Mobility
  • eHealth, Hospital ISPatient Records, 4 eyes, Cloud Doctors
  • Large Corporates (ICT, ID, FM, IoT, AI, dig. Innovation)
  • Utility, Energy, Waste, Resource Manag., Dig. Platforms
  • Telecommunications, Mobile Applications, Private ICT
  • IT Research & Development & “202y Digitalization”

RISE core company is 100% independent, 100% Austrian privately owned and will not enter the capital market for consciously chosen, positive reasons. RISE grows and will grow though several daughter companies which are open for the capital market and holds shares in companies that use RISE technology for their core systems or their sales channels. This set-up offers national or global entities (governmental, private, public listed, NGO) world-wide the chance of an exclusive form of digital cooperation with RISE. We can do JVs by design as a service to partners, investors or even states/nations.

RISE is a world leader in the digital innovation field and can either supply turnkey or via cooperative integration. Being versed in “old and new IT” it provides “End to End Engineering”. The 2nd “end” symbolizes core, data centre, cloud, service, operation, mass secure transaction handling, while the 1st end is represented by the (mass) customer, user, supporter, consumer channels as well as those businesses which support this 1st end.

RISE Digital Technologies are available world-wide via selected partners. The RISE R&D core company will act and implement world-wide, if the client and RISE agree on a serious joint IT journey or a roped innovation party.

„Nehmt hin die Welt!“, rief Zeus von seinen Höhen
Den Menschen zu. „Nehmt, sie soll euer sein!
Euch schenk ich sie zum Erb’ und ew’gen Lehen –
Doch teilt euch brüderlich darein!“                                       
Friedrich Schiller, Die Teilung der Erde


Dipl.Ing. Lei Zhu
Senior Project and System Engineer
Asia, Africa, Australia contacts to RISE
Phone: +43 66488428968, Lei.Zhu@rise-world.com

Dipl.Ing. Dr. Florian Strohmayer
Senior Project and Program Manager
Europe, the Americas contacts to RISE
Phone: +43 66488630853, Florian.Strohmayer@rise-world.com

RISE, Argentinierstr. 21, 1040 Vienna, Austria