Central Registers & Portals

Central Registers & Portals

Central Residence Register

  • since 2002 all communities recording the residence data of persons living in Austria online via the internet
  • complete list of all residence of a person in Austria by one mouseclick
  • linked with the Register of Buildings and Dwellings as well as the Register of Addresses
  • CRR processes only existing data on addresses, buildings and dwellings (including GEO coding), all changes (e.g. re-naming of a street) are done automatically
  • basis for many tasks of the public administration: electronic register, intergovernmental equalisation, the population census, the electronic citizen card

commercial register, land register, real estate database, company register, driving license register, weapons register, ...

e-Government portals

  • personalized -/ live situational services, one content – different acces portals, such as
  • Citizen Portal: 200 life situations, >1000 Forms, fees, deadlines,authorities finder
  • Business Portal: single entry point for business to the administraion
  • Tax online: > 100 mio declarations p.a.

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