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Smart environment & farming

Green City - Integrated Waste / -Water Management

GREEN CITY - Integrated Waste Management

    is more than technology /product: this is an integrated management concept for design investments in waste processing as a basic supplier for the circular economy.

    • Disposal and treatment of different kinds of solid and liquid waste present huge logistic, technical and organizational challenges for regions, provinces and municipalities
    • The Green-City-concept adresses exactly these problems and offers all-purpose solutions out of one hand
    • We develop efficient systems, build up the necessary infrastructure and implement smooth process flows – from collection to recovery to recycling


    (Waste) Water Management

    (Waste) Water Management

    Range of products and services – all according to the state of the art TQM systems

    • Technological solutions taking economic aspects into consideration, engineering, product
    • documentation for approval by authorities
    • Mechanical and electrical construction, manufacturing, installation
    • Commissioning, training
    • Services
    • Chemicals consulting and sales
    • Energy and resource optimization, water analysis

    Areas of business:

    • Municipal drinking water treatment plants
    • Municipal and commercial swimming pool water treatment plants and facilities
    • Heating systems
    • Compact plants Aqua - Module
    • Industrial water treatment plants
    • Municipal sewage treatment plants
    • Services and chemical sales
    • Wiping Solution recovery for Intaglio – Security Printing
    Environmental Solutions

    Environmental Solutions

    Hard- and software for decision makers to improve the air and water quality based on structural analysis, sensor data and scenario simulations

    • Strategic Decisions tool support
      Find most effective emission reduction measures
      Identify largest emitters in the area (sectors, businesses, etc.)
    • Operative Control tool support
      Tools to fulfill legal obligations
      Detect and respond to limit violations or critical situations


    Smart Farming

    Urban Farming

    Illumination Solution towards a healthy plant growth

    Urban Farming 11
    Waste tracking System

    Waste management and tracking solution for the public and private sector to monitor globalised waste flows

    A full-scale waste management and tracking solution for the public and private sector combining traditional resource management and tracking features with innovative technologies to enhance transparency, security and integrity through applied blockchain technology.

    Management of globalised wasteflows
    The technology offered is a state-of-the-art tried and tested waste management and tracking solution, developed by the company RISE. It combines traditional resource management and tracking features with innovative technologies like IoT e.g. for tracking and blockchain for transparency, security and integrity of data. It has been designed to integrate multiple stakeholders such as government, auditing, service companies and many more. Waste management is traditionally a field of managing resources, assets and contracts and is mainly handled on a regional or national level. However, differences in regulation and therefore the cost of waste handling and low cost for long-range shipping have led to a significant increase in globalised waste flows. In addition there is a sharp increase in illegal activities connected to global waste handling.

    The waste asset management and tracking solution connects established business processes around waste management with an innovative technology.

    Key benefits

    • Near-realtime tracking of waste flows
    • Automated analysis and pattern matching to detect and alert irregularities and transparent and tamper proof data storage.
    • In addition, business processes are increasingly transformed from government driven to a multi-stakeholder setup, technically integrating all involved entities.
    • Technical infrastructure for transforming local to global waste management processes and equipping customers with the right tools to tackle waste related challenges.