Unification of Austrian potential in order to provide high-tech-solutions in many different areas, including Consulting, Engineering and Operation with a focus on

  • Deployment of leading edge technologies in the area of public administration (eGovernment, eEnvironment), power grids, health care (eHealth), transportation networks, payment systems and telecommunications
  • Supply of turnkey electro-mechaincal systems (technology lead in Pelton, Francis and Kaplan Turbines, Pumped Storage and Bulb Type Plants) and services for small hydro applications up to more than 800 MW output, power plant service, refurbishment and upgrade of plants
  • Development, implementation, consultancy, software and technical assistance around formal and non-formal education and training, with a focus on e-Government, Electronic Testing Systems, Academies for public authorities, Vocational & Technical Vocational Education and Training, Health, Care & Social Services Training, Environmental and Energy Management System & Training
  • Composite aircraft manufacturing, provider of superior airborne public and private security functions for the protection of borders, coastlines and critical infrastructure
  • Mission critical communication equipment for air traffic control, maritime, public safety and armed forces
  • Engineering and construction of water treatment plants and heating systems, pool & spa technologies, pool facilities, I&C instrumentation and control, energy contracting, building technology, service and supply of chemicals, wiping solution recovery for intaglio printing units in the security printing sector engineering and consulting services for major industrial and infrastructure projects in the following business areas: oil and gas, energy and climate protection, water and environment, transport and structures
  • application oriented research & development projects and applied high-tech solutions, technology transfer to the economy
  • ITS electronic payment applications; traffic management, road telematics solutions; railway communications and information systems
  • Campaigns and initiatives to promote safety in Austria, identification of new challenges and risks to the security situation in Austria by analyzing & working together with the relevant governmental authorities, e.g. Safety & prevention campaigns Cyber-Security-Initiative (CSI)
  • Rail Technology with mobile and stationary rail reprofiling machines for processing of the rail head, rail sawing and drilling machines, Milling Technology with strip edge milling machines, plate edge milling machines, pipe beveling machines and special purpose milling machines for tube mills or shipyards.
  • sustainable lighting technologies of tomorrow: highly-specialised custom LED solutions, best white light quality, high colour reproduction, specific colour points, great efficiency, 100% reliability and maximum flexibility in exclusively European production 
  • Waste management incl. conveying technology, municipal vehicles sewage engineering
  • Consultancy, development and implementation of national identity management systems including data & IT security as well as production of identity documents
  • tailor made solutions to complex and specific problems in the public sector as well as in the context of private-public cooperation
  • Complete range of road marking, signaling and traffic management products, services and solutions
  • Diamond Airborne Sensing
  • Andritz Hydro
  • Linsinger
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